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Pass/Fail Limit Builder

Rigol Spectrum analyzers are capable of Pass/Fail Limit tests. We built this example to allow users to create, download, and save Pass/Fail limits easily.This application requires:- Excel 2010 (enable macros)- NI VISA Runtime Engine- Rigol D (Related product: All Spectrum Analyzers)

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How to measure an amplifier using a DSA-815-TG?

Here are step-by-step instructions on measuring an RF amplifier using a DSA-815-TG spectrum analyzer with an optional Tracking Generator (TG). (Related product: DSA800)

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How to measure a filter using a DSA-815-TG Spectrum Analyzer

Here we show how to test an RF bandpass filter using a DSA-815 spectrum analyzer with built in Tracking Generator (TG) option.(Related product: DSA800)

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EMC Precompliance Testing

This application note covers hints and tips for implementation of precompliance steps to help lower the cost of full compliance EMC testing.It also features a series of documents that have practical use details for EMC testing. (Related product: ALL Spectrum Analyzers)

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Is the DSA-815 CISPR Compliant?

No. But, we have a document that describes the DSA-815 features and deviations from CISPR for EMI and EMC applications. (Related product: DSA815 and DSA815-TG)

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Building Channel Limit

Includes an Excel Spread Sheet useful for loading DSA815 with signal levels for various transmission filters. Also includes pdf file describing Macro operation. (Related product: DSA800)

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How to measure VSWR using a Spectrum Analyzer

Here are instructions on using a Spectrum Analyzer to measure VSWR for an antenna. It can be applied to other passive RF devices and cables as well. (Related product: All Spectrum Analyzers)

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TX1000 Application Note

Here is an application note that covers using the TX1000 RF Demo Kit. Including software installation, Bandpass filter, RF Amplifier, and other controls. (Related product: DSA1000 and DSA800)

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Spectrum analyzer detector selection guide

Spectrum analyzers have many options when it comes to input detector configurations. This document provides a guide to selecting the proper filter for the input signal type. (Related product: All Spectrum Analyzers)

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DSA1000 Application Note

(Related product: All Spectrum Analyzers)

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FM signal transmission and demodulation demo

This application uses a DG4162 arbitrary waveform generator and audio source to create a custom FM transmission and then a DSA-1030A spectrum analyzer to receive and demodulate the signal.

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DS6000 Video Signal and Glitch Demonstration Note

Introduction video to the Rigol DG4000 Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator.

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