Alimentatore DC Rigol DP832A 195W (tripla uscita)

da Rigol

Alimentatore programmabile a triplo canale, potenza massima 195W.

Modello ad alta risoluzione, display a colori, funzioni di ritardo, analisi e timing, interfaccia LAN e RS232.

Specifiche tecniche:

Model DP832A
Channels 3
DC Output (0°C to 40°C )
Voltage/current CH1: 0 to 30V/0 to 3A
CH2: 0 to 30V/0 to 3A
CH3: 0 to 5V/0 to 3A
OVP/OCP CH1: 1mV to 33V/1mA to 3.3A
CH2: 1mV to 33V/1mA to 3.3A
CH3: 1mV to 5.5V/1mA to 3.3A
Load Regulation Rate ±(Output Percentage + Offset)
Voltage <0.01%+2mV
Current <0.01%+250uA
Linear Regulation Rate ±(Output Percentage + Offset)
Voltage <0.01%+2mV
Current <0.01%+250uA
Ripples and Noise (20Hz to 20MHz)
Normal Mode Voltage <350μVrms/2mVpp
Normal Mode Current <2mArms
Common Mode Current <1.5μArms
Annual Accuracy [1] (25°C ±5°C ) ±(Output Percentage + Offset)
Programming Voltage 0.05% + 10mV
Current 0.2% + 10mA
Readback Voltage 0.05% + 5mV
Current 0.15%+ 5mA
Programming Voltage 1mV
Current 1mA
Readback Voltage 0.1mV
Current 0.1mA
Display Voltage 1mV
Current 1mA
Transient Response Time
Less than 50μs for output to recover to within 15mV following a change in output current from full load to half load or vice versa.
Command Processing Time [2]
Temperature Coefficient per? (Output Percentage + Offset)
Voltage CH1/CH2: 0.01%+5mV
CH3: 0.01%+2mV
Current 0.01%+2mA
Stability [3] ±(Output Percentage + Offset)
Voltage CH1/CH2: 0.02%+2mV
CH3: 0.01%+1mV
Current 0.05%+2mA


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