Alimentatore Programmabile AC Chroma 61504 0-300V, 15-1K Hz/2KVA, 1Ø

da Chroma


MODEL 61504
Power Rating 2000VA 
Voltage Range 0-150V/0-300V/ Auto
Frequency DC. 15Hz~1kHz
Parallel Capability Not Available


-Output Rating :
  • Power : 500VA (61501), 1000VA (61502), 1500VA (61503),
    2000VA (61504) 4000VA (61505)
  • Voltage range: 0-150V/0-300V/Auto
  • Compact size and weight attributable to advance PWM technology
  • AC+DC output mode for voltage DC offset simulation
  • Programmable slew rate setting for changing voltage and frequency
  • Low output impedance for testing IEC 61000-3-2 ( 61505 )
  • Programmable output impedance for testing IEC 61000-3-3
  • LIST, PULSE, STEP mode function for testing power line disturbance (PLD) simulation capability
  • IEC 61000-4-11 voltage dips, short and variation simulation
  • Harmonics, inter-harmonics waveform synthesizer for testing IEC 61000-4-13
  • Programmable voltage, current limit
  • Comprehensive measurement capability including current harmonics
  • High output current crest factor, ideal for inrush current testing
  • Turn on, turn off phase angle control
  • TTL signal which indicates output transient
  • Analog programmable interface
  • 3 units combined to 3-phase power output
  • Easy-use software for operation and IEC regulation test
  • Optional GPIB, RS-232, LAN and USB interface