Alimentatore Programmabile AC Chroma 61702 0-300V/DC, 15-1.2kHz, 3ø 3KVA

da Chroma


MODEL 61702

Power Range


Phases 3

  • Frequency: 15~1.2kHz
  • Phase angle: 0~360˚ Programmable
  • Built-in PFC, provides input power factor of over 0.98
  • AC+DC output mode
  • Comprehensive measurement capability,V, Irms, Ipk, Iinrush, P, PF, CF of current etc.
  • Programmable r.m.s. current limit
  • Turn on, turn off phase angle control
  • Full protection: OP, OC, OV and OT protection
  • Optional GPIB and RS-232 interface
  • Advanced PWM technology delivers high power density in a compact rack-mountable package
  • User-definable power-on status
  • Built-in output isolation relays
  • Easy use graphic user interface: softpanel (Option)
  • Optional function for transient voltage output, including LIST, PULSE, STEP ans INTERHARMONICS mode
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