Alimentatore Programmabile DC Chroma 62050H-600S con Simulazione Esposizione Solare 600V/8.5A/5KW

da Chroma


MODEL 62050H-600S

Power Range


Voltage Range 0-600V
Current Range 0-8.5A


- Fast transient response solar array simulation
- Simulation of multiple solar cell material's I-V characteristic (fill factor)
- Simulation of dynamic irradiation intensity and temperature level from clear day to cloud cover conditions
- Shadowed I-V curve output simulation (up to 4096 data points)
- Low leakage current (< 3mA)
- Precision V & I measurements
- Auto I-V program: 100 I-V curves & Dwell time 1-15,000s
- Static & dynamic MPPT efficiency test (accumulated energy methods)
- Data recorded via softpanel
- Standard USB / RS232 / RS485 interface
- Optional GPIB / Ethernet interface
- Real time analysis of PV inverters' MPPT tracking via softpanel
- Free graphic user interface - softpanel for operation
- Real world weather simulation fast I-V curve update rate : 1s
- Support up to ten-channel SAS control for multi-MPPT testing
- Build-in dynamic MPPT test profile of EN50530, Sandia, CGC/GF004 and NB/T 32004