Prodigy PGY-100BASET1-PA Analizzatore di protocollo

da Prodigy
100BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet Protocol Analyzer

100BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet Protocol Analyzer is the Protocol Analyzer with multiple features to capture and debug communication between host and design under test. Automotive Ethernet interface scales up to address current and future needs of in-vehicle bus speed requirements. The need for higher-speed in-vehicle buses is increasing to support feature-rich ADAS and connected vehicle needs. Two-wire full-duplex 100BASE-T1 PAM 3 signalling is the choice of interface bus to address these needs

Prodigy Technovations 100BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet Protocol Analyzer provides an industry-first solution for the non-intrusively passive tap of the 100BASE-T1 bus at the physical layer and ensures no latency and accurate capturing of protocol data. Powerful basic and multi-level layer 2 to layer 7 protocol trigger capabilities enables the design engineer to capture protocol activity at a specific event. PGY-100BASE-T1-PA supports continuous streaming of captured protocol data to host computer SSD/HDD enabling long-duration capture.


  • Protocol decode and Analysis of 100BASE-T1 Bus.
  • Passive tapping allows a non-intrusive method of monitoring the 100BASE-T1 Bus.
  • Powerful multi-layer protocol layer trigger capabilities enable capturing data at specific events.
  • Decoding of TC10 Sleep and Wakeup events of master and slave.
  • Continuous streaming of protocol activity SSD/HDD enables long-duration capture of protocol data.
  • Simultaneously monitoring of 100BASE-T1 and MDIO/MDC protocol activity.
  • Live protocol decode capabilities allow you to view the protocol information while the test cases actively running in DUT.
  • The analytics feature provides statistical information on protocol packets.
  • FCS error report helps in monitoring the protocol errors.
  • The simplified Protocol Listing view with search and filter capabilities is easy to use.
  • Software and firmware are fields upgradable
  • Report generation.