Prodigy PGY-JTAG-NL software decodificatore di protocollo Node Locked ( per Tektronix Windows Oscilloscope )

da Prodigy

JTAG Protocol Decode Software offers electrical measurements compliance testing and protocol decoding as specified in JTAG specification. PGY-JTAG Protocol decode software runs in Tektronix Oscilloscope provides electrical measurements and protocol decode at click of button. This allows engineers quickly check for JTAG compliance and flexibility to debug the failure. In addition to this engineer can decode the command and response of JTAG debug the communication. PGY-JTAG takes advantage of digital channels of MSO and provides the decoding of JTAG data lines.


Features: Protocol Decode
The Protocol Decode Features are as follows:

  • JTAG protocol Analysis using Tektronix oscilloscope live analog and digital channel data and saved files
  • Displays the decoded data in JTAG state format
  • Protocol decode using digital channel data allows the use of analog channels to probe different test points for correlating the analog signals and JTAG protocol activity
  • Link the JTAG Protocol packet to waveform in oscilloscope display
  • Displays the IR opcode and DR name for easy interpretation of protocol activity
  • Flexibility enter the symbols for IR and DR values
  • Detail view provides seamless view of decoded data along with waveforms
  • Search helps in easily located the specific state in hundreds of decoded packets of data
  • Filter features helps only viewing the desired state
  • Documentation by exporting data in CSV and TXT file format
  • Report Generation