Prodigy PGY-SMI-EX-PD Analizzatore di protocollo

da Prodigy
SMI (MDIO) Exerciser and Protocol Analyzer
The PGY-SMI-EX-PD SMI Protocol Analyzer provides comprehensive functions for capturing and debugging communication between host and DUT. The PGY-SMI-EX-PD can be configured as master or slave, generate SMI traffic and decode SMI packets. SMI, also referred to as Management Data Input/Output or MDIO, is a 2-wire serial bus used to manage physical layer devices in Media Access Controllers (MACs) in Gigabit Ethernet devices. The management of these PHYs is based on accessing and modifying their various registers.
PGY-SMI-EX-PD is the leading instrument that enables the design and test engineerstotest the SMI designs for its specifications by configuring PGY-SMI -EX-PDasmaster/slave, generating SMI traffic with error injection capability anddecodingSMIProtocol packets.

Key Features

  • Supports SMI (MDIO) speeds up to 25MHz
  • Configuration as master or slave
  • Simultaneous SMI traffic generation and protocol decoding
  • Support for SMI clause 22 and 45
  • Variable SMI data speeds and duty cycle
  • Continuous streaming of protocol data to the host computer to provide a large buffer
  • Timing diagram of the protocol-decoded bus
  • Listing view of log activity
  • Ability to write a training script to combine the generation of multiple data frames at different data rates
  • USB 2.0/3.0 interface for host computer
  • API support for automation in Python or C++