Prodigy PGY-SPMI-NL software decodificatore di protocollo Node Locked ( per Tektronix Windows Oscilloscope )

da Prodigy

SPMI Electrical Validation Software

SPMI Electrical Validation and Protocol Decode Software offers electrical measurements compliance testing as specified in SPMI specification. PGY-SPMI Electrical validation and Protocol Decode software runs in Tektronix Oscilloscope provides electrical measurements and protocol decoding at click of button.
This software provides the flexibility to set reference levels for electrical measurement and customized limits makes it most versatile solution to meet different needs of characterizing
SPMI Signals. Now design and test engineers can automatically make accurate and reliable electrical measurements and decode protocols in PGY-SPMI software using data acquired by Tektronix DPO5000, TDS7000, DPO/DSA/MSO7000, MSO5/6 series oscilloscope (Windows 7 or higher OS based scope only) to reduce the development and test cycle.

• SPMI Electrical Validation and protocol Analysis using
oscilloscope live channel data or stored SPMI signals (wfm
(default), h5, trc format ( with option)).
• Links the content to the electrical signal in the oscilloscope
for easy understanding of the electrical characteristics of
the protocol.
• Displays the decoded data in SPMI frame format
• Error checks for parity bits of command and data
• Flexibility to view Slave ID in Symbol or Hex value
• Flexibility to view decoded data in hex, binary, Decimal or
octal format
• Long duration data decode support to capture more
number of SPMI protocol transactions
• Search capabilities to locate protocol event
• Filter capabilities to view information of Interest
• Documentation by exporting data in CSV and TXT file
format along with PDF Report Generation.
• API Support with Python.