Prodigy PGY-UPRO-NL software decodificatore di protocollo Node Locked ( per Tektronix Windows Oscilloscope )

da Prodigy

Software per la decodifica dei protocolli MIPI-MPHY-Unipro


The product features are as follows:

● UniPro Decoder enables faster system level protocol debugging
● Conforms to UniPro Protocol Specification version 1.6
● Supports NRZ (Non-Return-to-Zero) and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signalling schemes
● Configurable four lane simultaneous protocol decode helps to correlate the lane to lane events
● Autolink of decoded data from list table to oscilloscope waveform for easy protocol debug at phy layer
● Powerful UniPRO Protocol aware trigger fearures using Option ST6G serial trigger feature of oscilloscopes
● Triggering supports PWM, NRZ and 8b/10B encoded data schemes
● Detail view provides a comprehensive protocol and physical layer data correlation
● Frame listing and frame description provides comprehensive protocol layer information
● Each frame is displayed in detail as per UniPro Standard specification document
● Automated CRC computation to monitor CRC errors in protocol packet
● Markers enables time measurement between messages in different lanes
● Software automatically identifies the signalling scheme and gear for hassle free protocol analysis
● Bus diagram functions such as zoom, un-zoom, pan, fit to screen, synchronize functions enables easy
data analysis
● Supports oscilloscope live channels, Tektronix .wfm waveform files
● Generates comprehensive and customizable reports
● Ability to export the protocol details to txt and csv file formats

Oscilloscopes Supported
DPO/MSO/DSA 70000 Series