TekBox TBWA2/40dB Wideband RF Amplifier

da Tekbox
TekBox TBWA2/40dB wideband RF amplifiers are versatile building blocks that can easily be integrated into laboratory setups. With a bandwidth of 2MHz to 6GHz, they are ideal to boost the signals picked up by our EMC near field probes.
TekBox TBWA2/40dB wideband RF amplifiers has 40dB gain.
- Input: 50 Ohm, SMA
- Output: 50 Ohm, SMA
- Nominal supply Voltage: 4.5 - 5V, typ. 210mA, Mini-USB-B connector
- Maximum supply voltage: 5.5V
- Maximum input power: -10dBm
- 1dB output compression point @ 2GHz: +20dBm
- Reverse isolation S12, 0.1 …6GHz: 40dB
- Noise Figure @ 2GHz: 5 dB


1MHZ    10MHz    100MHz   500MHz  1GHz     2GHz     3GHz     4.5GHz     6GHz
30dB    40.2dB    40.2dB     40dB       39.5dB   37.6dB  36.4dB   34.6dB     34.7dBB



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